Last year, after all the numbers were tallied, it was confirmed that a grand total of 6876 cyclists participated in cycling to work! Here is Lonny Balbi, Founder of BTWD Calgary, with Sheralee Stelter, Founder of the Adaptive Bike Program, as he  donates $6876 to Cerebral Palsy Kids and Families!

Lonny Balbi Wins an Emerald Award for his Bike to Work Day Initiative!

Watch his Emerald Foundation video explaining Bike to Work Day.



Every year, Lonny Balbi donates $1 for every cyclist who participates in Bike to Work Day to a local charity.


In 2017 we donated $6,388 to Bicycles for Humanity, a 100% volunteer run grassroots organization which sends used bikes to developing countries. Their work  supports grassroots projects that improves access to healthcare, education, employment, food and water, through the provision of sustainable transportation. 


In 2018 we supported Cerebral Palsy’s Adaptive Bike Program which ensures that children with cerebral palsy and other physical disabilities are still able to ride a bike and have fun with their friends, so even more participants came out to Bike to Work Day to help get more kids out on bikes!


This year we are proud to sponsor Two Wheel View, 

whose mission is to provide youth development programs that use the bicycle as a tool to build resiliency in young people. 


$1 Donated for Every Cyclist Participant 

FRIDAY, MAY 3, 2019