Suit Pursuit 2019


This year’s precursor to Bike to Work Day Calgary - the Suit Pursuit Race – started in the early hours of a cold and windy Friday, April 26th.


The sun was barely up in the sky, when the pitter-patter of dog paws on concrete, and the quiet whirring of bicycle wheels grew steadily louder as the cyclist contender drew closer to the other participants. Waiting by her vehicle, Shelley Alexander twirled her keys in her hand, ready to hop in at a moment’s notice and roar away at the start of the race. Meanwhile, Melanie Asuchak shivered while cletching her iphone that showed the fastest transit route to take – certain that her mode of transportation would take her to the finish line first.


Riding a decked-out and fully customized bike, Jarom looked ready and egar to take on the competition. His steed was no ordinary bike – having been built completley on his own with no manual out of spare parts and given a sweet paint job done by none other than himself, Jarom was anxious to get this race started.  Being an adveturous spirit Jarom is used to a 50 minute bike commute to get to school everyday, he is well prepared have to pedal fast in order to win this race.  


Finally, after all the introductions and pleasantries were over the starter gun was fired, (more figuratively than literally) and the contenders were off. Jarom and Lonny – put petal to the metal and headed out towards the finish line. Shelley hopped into her vehicle and sped away, and Melanie hoofed it towards the bus stop on 6th Avenue. The contestants were off!


The long and short of the story is that Jarom made it to the finish line with plenty of time to dismount his bike and settle in for a well-deserved hot chocolate at a nearby coffee shop. Five minutes after that, Shelley walked through the doors. She complained that she would have been first if she hadn’t been stuck in traffic due to road construction, and that she also had to circle around to find parking.Melanie came rushing in nearly a full 13 minutes later, flushed, cold and explaining that stopping for the train to passby along walk in heels does is not make it easy when there's a race to be won!


Oh well, thems the breaks! Cycling definitely has an advantage when it comes to inner city commutes – a bicycle can get through and around places that a vehicle can’t, it can take dedicated bike lanes and path-systems, can usually find adequate parking, and doesn’t have to worry about knowing and abiding by set schedules. Of course there are the added benefits of not having to pay inflated gas prices, being gentler to the environment, and staying healthy. With all the benefits of cycling – what’s stopping you?


And Remember – for everyone who participates in Bike to Work Day Calgary this May 3rd, $1 will be donated to Two Wheel View – so let’s get more kids out on bikes!


The Suit Pursuit