In addition to the Energy Pit Stop Stations throughout downtown, there will be a festival event at Eau Claire Market in the North Plaza. There will be a FREE pancake breakfast, music, demonstrations, and local bike shops will be there to tune-up your bike, answer questions, and give out free stuff. This event is a great way to highlight the benefits of cycling, while socializing and getting some fresh air. Of course cycling is a healthy, efficient, convenient, low-cost and socially responsible means of transportation, and we know that it contributes to a reduction in inner-city traffic congestion and air pollution, but it's also a lot of fun! (NEW stops to be announced.)

Bike to Work Day 2019


Bike to Work Day's mission is to encourage people working in the downtown core and surrounding neighborhoods to try biking to work. This is in the hopes that they might enjoy the experience and continue to cycle to work all year long. Of course there are people in the outer reaches that also bike to work - once you get a taste of the freedom - you might too.

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Celebrating Our 13th Year!

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Bike to Work Day will be held on Friday, May 3rd, 2019 at 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.

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There are 10 Energy Pit Stop Stations strategically-placed throughout downtown, and our home base and festival location will be at Eau Claire Market in the North Plaza. 

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Energy Pit-Stop Station Locations:


Below are the 2018 Bike to Work Day Energy Pit-Stop Stations - located along Calgary's downtown bike commute routes to provide free snacks, and good cheer to cyclists. Click on the map below for enlarged maps of our Energy Pit-Stop Stations and to see which bike shop will be at each location. 

See you in the bike lane! (Please note - updated pit-stops will be available soon.)

Energy Pit-Stop Station Map

Energy Pit Stop Location #1

Bow River LRT Bridge – South side of the river, on the Bow River Pathway, near the 3rd Avenue SW entry


Energy Pit Stop Location #2 

Peace Bridge-North side of the river, on the Bow River Pathway


Energy Pit Stop Location #3 

12th Avenue & 5th Street


Energy Pit Stop Location #4 

River Walk-South side of the river, west of the 4th Street NE Bridge


Energy Pit Stop Location #5 

Fort Calgary- West side of the Elbow River, along the River Walk Pathway, North of 9th Ave SE


Energy Pit Stop Location #6 

Princes Island- North side of the island, on the South side of the Bow River Pathway Bridge


Energy Pit Stop Location #7 

Elbow Drive & 4th Street SW—North side of the Elbow River, along the El-bow River Walk, West side of 4th Street SW.


Energy Pit Stop Location #8

4623 Bow Trail SW – In front of Calgary Cycle


This is a rain or shine event, and if we experience severe weather, the activities will be moved indoors at Eau Claire Market - inside the North entrance. 


For Updates on Current Construction

of Pathways and Bikeways visit:


Free Pancake Breakfast and Prizes!

Each year we host a free pancake breakfast at Eau Claire Market where a number of different Calgary bike shops set up to give away free stuff, educate, and do tune-ups on your bikes. There are also lots of contests and giveaways, so come on down and try to win a bike! This year our awesome Pancake breakfast will be served by none other than the Calgary Stampede Caravan!


Bike to Work Day is celebrating its 13th year! On May 3, 2019 – BTWD will celebrate its thirteenth annual event with even more enthusiasm, more participants, and more fun! As with previous years, we will have 10 different bicycle pit stops along the route, where you can receive tune-ups, (for you and your bike) and free giveaways. Everyone will then gather at Eau Claire Market for a free pancake breakfast, music and a chance to catch up with friends and colleagues. Did we mention that this is a great opportunity for vendors to promote their businesses, and for you to get your hands on some free swag? BTWD helps bring Calgarians together in sharing some common goals; promoting cycling as a viable means of transportation, reducing inner-city traffic, and of course reducing the pollution in the air we breathe. Cycling is a great addition to a healthy routine and it can be very cost-effective  – not to mention, you look very socially responsible while reducing your carbon footprint.

Announcement of the 2018 Winner of the Pedego Commuter Bike